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Please see below for David's resume and experience in these disciplines.


Fitness resume

David Paul Stark 

146 Wedgewood DR SW Calgary Ab T3C 3G8,  phone 403 969 7967


  • Kung Fu, since March 1988, trained with Sifu Cansdale (Granted Black Sash, 4th Degree, Sept 2011, 5th Degree March 2014)

  • Teach various Kung Fu classes, all levels, since 2003, mostly private lessons.

  • Tai Chi since March 1988, trained with Sifus Cansdale and Weinswrich. (Black Sash, 5th degree)

  • Teach various Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes, since 2003, private, and at Yoga Passage,

  • YMCA Home For Abused Women, YWCA Fitness, Yoga and Beyond, and Westside 

    Recreation Center.

  • Yoga, practiced for a number of years, teacher training at Yoga Passage, completed

    July 2009, and since then taught a number of Studios, including, Yoga Passage, Yoga 

    Passion, Yoga and Beyond, Alberta Treasury Branch and ConnocoPhillips.

  • CPR and First Aid up to date along with proper Liability Insurance.


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